Reduce Child Abuse

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In 1997 an estimated 3,195,000 children were reported to protective services agencies as they were found to be victims of child abuse (“Child abuse is increasing”). In 2003 it was estimated that their were 906,000 victims of child abuse in the United States (“Individuals can help reduce child abuses”). It is found that extremely young children under the age of three are the more frequent victims of child abuse (“Child abuse is a huge problem”).
It is not all physical abuse towards children but it is also emotional abuse (“Individuals can help reduce child abuse”). You may refer to emotional abuse as ignoring, rejecting, isolating, and using verbal abuse toward the child (" Emotional Abuse”). Emotional abuse can at times be harder to take
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Many of the parents that abuse their children do not do it intentionally, by the fact they were also abused and neglected as a child (“individuals can help reduce child abuse”). Also very young parents who are new to having a baby and don’t know the responsibilities of how to treat a child can also be the cause for child abuse (“individuals can help reduce child abuse”). Now let 's put this all together. So you have the parent of the child as a kids. As a kid he was beat to his last thread, starved, and maybe even sometimes locked somewhere all by himself. Now when he grows up he may grow up a mean and nasty man. People may think of him as a grumpy, boring guy when in the end they do not know half what the man has been threw. Then when he may have a child unintentionally he may start to become like his father/mother and abuse their child just as their parents did to them. There is also the type of parents who are not yet ready to have a child. Next thing you know you have a couple who did not want a child and now they are gonna have a baby. They know they are not yet ready to have a child but chose to make a effort to raise the child but what they may think okay is not. They may not mean to harm the baby but maybe all the crying and changing of diapers are too much for them and they become …show more content…
The brain develops surprisingly early during the early stages of infancy and childhood (“Effects of child abuse”). Meeting the needs of the child early on is how a child gets it emotional stability and security which is essential for a healthy brain (“Effects of child abuse”). When a parent repeatedly abuses their child and their child becomes stressed it affects the brain’s stress response, making it easier to get stressed and harder to get over (“Effects of child abuse”). So you may have that one friend, classmate, co-worker that is just a quiet and just looks around and do not say much words and in the end they act as they do by the fact at a young age they were abused which affecting their brain causing them to be stressed easily and over anything. Children that are left in isolation or ignored are at an increased risk of damaging the brain (“Effects of child abuse”). Some of the effects of child abuse on their mental health are usually things like they may have extreme anxiety, depression, difficulty concentrating, sleeping problems and many more (“Effects of child abuse”). A child 's health can be a risk just by the fact they got abused while a child. Now the child has to live with it for the rest of their lives unless they seek

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