The Effects Of Child Abuse On Children Essay

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In, 2013, about 1,500 children died from abuse and neglect in the United States. There are also over half a million children reportedly abused yearly. Children who are abused come from many different family dynamics and can be abused at any stage, often times children begin being abused under the age of five. The longer children are abused for the more likely that abuse will translate into stages of their lives as they develop mentally and physically. It is very harmful in the sense where children may experience a range of emotional and psychological issues and trauma as a result of that abuse that effect each child differently.
Children are more physically vulnerable to injury than adults as their bodies are still at the stages of development and when that child is being abused physically, it becomes very apparent. Conversely, there are situations where the abuser is very careful to leave no marks or visible injuries so that it isn’t discovered that the child is being abused (which will be further discussed as it affects how children must be nursed in the literal sense).
The brain develops at a very fast rate during the early developmental stages of childhood. Many studies indicate that the brain develops in response to the child’s experiences with their parents/caregivers, environment and the quality of those experiences. Through those early stages, it establishes the stability that a child will carry when encountering different things healthily. Repeated being…

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