The Effects Of Child Abuse On Children Essay

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Child abuse is one of the leading causes of problems and stress in children throughout America. Child abuse not only can take away a childhood, but can also if serious enough, it can even lead into adulthood. Some cases can be as modest as verbal abuse and some can be as severe as physical or sexual abuse. The effects of child abuse are far deeper than they may seem, and can cause not only physical but also emotional scarring. Conducting research on this field can be challenging due to severe mental damage within the subjects. Child abuse is a huge problem and can take physical, verbal, sexual or emotional form. Providing programs, classes, and therapy can help reduce this issue. There are many types of abuse, such as physical, verbal, sexual and emotional. The toll abuse can take on a child’s life can be drastic, leaving an everlasting scar in which they will carry for the rest of their lives. Abusers have numerous ways of persuading a child, “abusers may threat or bribe to keep a child quiet” (Child abuse victims & restitution). Physical abuse is hurting a child in the terms of beating, kicking, pushing, ect. Noticeable marks are a conspicuous sign of physical abuse, even though a child might be too afraid to tell who caused those marks. Verbal abuse is using your words or talking down to, name calling, or even accusing a child to purposely make them feel bad about themselves. Parents have an enormous role in this category, due to them raising the child and being the…

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