The Effects Of Cellphones On The Human Body Essay

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The effects of cellphones
The topics I choose is the effects of cell phones I lot of people don’t think cell phones are bad for them, but cell phones can cause negative effects on the human body. I believe that people are so stuck on cell phones they can’t see real life in front of them. There too busy worried about what 's happening around the world or who just text them. I believe a lot of people miss out on opportunities by looking down at their phones because you never know who could be in front of you and can change their lives. Cell phones can be dangerous teens each year die caused by texting and driving and I’m pretty shore more than 60 percent of teens would admit texting while driving. I also heard that cell phone cause cancer risk. Cell phones give off radiation which is also bad for your body. Cell phones really do cause many problems whether you realize it or not. People also put themselves in dangerous situations with their phones in there hand. I believe some people without their cellphones almost feel naked. But people really don’t stop to think of the negative effects that cell phones really have on us. Cell phones are a big part of our life today. Cellphones can affect us in a good way and also in a bad way. Cell phones can be dangerous. I think that while of course the cell phone is not dangerous itself, it’s what can happen due to somebody not paying attention while using a cell phone is something people should think about. A…

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