Essay about The Effects Of Cell Phones On Teenagers

1590 Words Mar 27th, 2016 null Page
When being a parent and purchasing a cell phone, do they really think of the serious effects they have on children. Not many parents know how serious the effects of cell phones have on teenagers. For example, teenagers using cell phones become more oblivious to what is around them when being with family or friends. In addition, teenagers using cell phones become less social when being placed in sociable crowds. Also while driving; cell phones have caused problems for teenagers, which have caused some teenagers in losing their lives. Cell phones may be a good technology invention because it helps people communicate, but is it really worth dying for?
There are many ways that cell phones effect teenagers; however, the first effect makes teenagers resemble zombies. Teenagers on their cell phones makes them become oblivious to there surrounding. One example of that would be families eating at dinner and the teenager of the family being on their phone while eating at the table. Most families forbidden there child to be on the cell phone will eating at the dinner table but other families do not really care about there child being on the cell phone mainly because the adults are constantly on their cell phones too. When raised in the south, it was always impolite to show attention to something besides eating with your family. However, teenagers in today’s generation are for some reason all about being on their cell phones. Teenagers being on their cell phones can show signs of…

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