The Effects Of Cell Phones On Human Brain Essay example

1356 Words Jul 18th, 2016 null Page
A small illuminated screen that displays anything the human brain can imagine is slowly with time taking over the human’s attention. At the tip of the finger people have the power to use the world wide web to explore info of practically anything they wish to desire. From news to social media humans are getting heavy doses of beloved information. People repeatedly checking their phone for constant update on all their needs. To some the cell phone is almost a drug and people constantly need their fix and must always be near them to see exactly what is going on in the world and also with their friends. Though the cell phone is normally small it holds a lot of power and has had the ability to have a direct impact within the cultures of mass media, communications, fitness, video games, socialization, and classrooms. To get the full understanding of the absolute power of this tremendous technology they must be able to understand the story of how such a small object can be such a big deal. Early on not too much technology was able to progress the cordless hand held device. They were very bulky and to heavy to carry around and seem to out of this world to own. As time went on more upside came around with the idea of the mobile phone that is easy to carry around and just all-around more efficient. Through many different companies and solid research, they were able to cut the weight and also add range of calls to this bright technology. Soon enough the purpose shifted to enhance a…

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