The Effects Of Carbon Dioxide On The Environment And The Wasting Of Fossil Fuels

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In this National Geographic edition, an essay by Bill McKibben is included which talks about the dangers of increasing carbon dioxide levels. He also talks about how the levels have been increasing from levels in the past and that they are raising too high. Throughout the article, he strives to inform the reader the dangerous effects that the increase of carbon dioxide will have on the planet and also how it will affect our quality of living. By informing the reader of these problems, McKibben hopes that people might take his advice and use alternative means of transportation and energy usage to decrease carbon dioxide emissions from being released into the atmosphere and causing global warming.
In “Carbon’s New Math”, McKibben made some very interesting comments that I had never thought of prior to reading the article. After reading, I agreed that humans have made immense negative impacts on the environment and the wasting of fossil fuels with our vast usage of technology and motor vehicles. Before the industrial revolution occurred, the Earth 's atmosphere contained nearly 280 parts per million of carbon dioxide, which is a fairly standard value, especially compared to today’s estimated value. With this value of 280 in mind, our ancestors learned to adapt to surviving in a world with a global average temperature of about 57 degrees Fahrenheit, or about 14 degrees Celsius. In order to use this temperature to its full potential, humans developed their metropolises and cities…

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