The Effects Of Byu Students On The Freshman Students Essay

1163 Words Mar 4th, 2016 null Page
Every year, many BYU freshman gain the dreaded “freshman fifteen,” fifteen pounds of weight that students gain the first year they attend college. Although it may seem harmless, the freshman fifteen is the result of poor eating habits, which can lead to many negative consequences such as eating disorders, mental disorders, and even obesity. If the freshman fifteen can be prevented, the likelihood of BYU students experiencing these negative consequences can be decreased. In this paper, I will outline the consequences and causes of the freshman fifteen, as well as actions BYU can take to prevent it.
The freshman fifteen embodies the poor eating habits embraced by freshman; these poor eating habits, if not stopped, can lead to mental and eating disorders. Students’ initial year in college is typically the first year they are on their own; it is during this time students develop eating habits that will last them throughout college and adult life. Students that develop healthy eating habits during their freshman year will likely maintain a healthy diet throughout the rest of their lives; students who gain the freshman fifteen, however, developed poor eating habits, habits that are the gateway to a plethora of other problems. Once the poor eating habits develop, the results of continual unhealthy eating start to show. It is then that the negative consequences of the freshman fifteen come to fruition. The excessive weight gain associated with the freshman fifteen can be a gateway…

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