Research Paper On Animal Farm By George Orwell

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“Some people have so much respect for their superiors they have none left for themselves” words from Peter McArthur that summarize the downfall of a blind follower. Animal Farm, a novella by George Orwell consists of farm animals who take part in a rebellion against their farmer, Mr. Jones. After the rebellion, the pigs, primarily one named Napoleon, take over all operations of the farm, while the other animals do the hard labor throughout the farm. Boxer leads the work force, but does not lead them with intelligence. Animals and people alike, that have Boxer’s mindset, obedient until death and ignorant, are harmful to a successful society. The book parallels the Russian Revolution revolving Stalin, Trotsky, and the Russian people.
Boxer is
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“I will work harder!”(Orwell 29) is adopted by Boxer as a new motto to show to the other animals that he is willing to put in the extra effort to finish the everyday tasks, and to make the work easier on the other animals. As Boxer starts to strain himself of physical labor he eventually pushes too hard, and in addition to his old age toward the end of the book, can not work anymore. This makes it hard for the other animals to pick up the slack, as they have not be burdened with these tasks before. Boxer may have put so much on his shoulders because of guilt, thinking that the reason that there wasn’t enough food, or operations were not functioning properly as they were in Jones’s time was because it did not dawn on him that his leader is not doing an adequate job. Boxer said “It must be due to some fault in ourselves” (Orwell 85), regarding the windmill being blasted by a feud fueled by Napoleon’s own blundering arrogance. He does not fight for the equality that he or the other animals deserve. The pigs do no physical labor, and could do a great load of the work if they would consider themselves equal to the other animals. These same effects can be seen in a controlling government, whose people do not stick up for …show more content…
With these two mottos, thinking for one’s self was not something the animals who looked up to Boxer did very often or even knew how to do. For instance, Napoleon manipulated the animals into thinking that Snowball, a previous friend of the animals, actually turned against them and shouldn’t be trusted. Even though the animals at first questioned this notion, because of the convincing by the government, the ignorance of the animals, and the way the animals accepted all of Napoleon's teachings, the animals acknowledged this new view upon Snowball and saw him as an enemy.
Throughout the book, and seeing examples of people throughout history and everyday life, it can be said that people should be less ignorant of the problems facing them every day. People should stand up for what they believe in, and make sure they are being represented equally and not taken advantage of. A society needs to be filled of people who are not blind followers, but vocal, just, citizens to function at full potential. Be involved, be educated, and be enlightened, it is a simple way to stay involved and not fall victim to the grasps of a substandard

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