The Effects Of Bottled Water On The Water Industry Essay

1947 Words Nov 22nd, 2015 null Page
Every day consumers make the decision to either purchase a water bottle or drink water from the faucet. Consumers base their decisions on taste, ads, or labels, even though the labels are just for hype. For example, Margolin said if the fine print was looked at carefully, consumers would see that Everest Water does not come from Mount Everest; their water comes from Corpus Christi, Texas. Also, another brand of bottled water, Glacier Clear Water does not come from a glacier in Alaska like it may appear, but rather it comes from a source of tap water in Greeneville, Tennessee. Tap water is virtually the same as bottle water, but by purchasing water bottles, consumers are spending several times more money. Consumers are spending more on bottled water because people think it tastes better, even though when blindfolded, they noticed no taste difference (GMA: Water Taste Test). Tap water is a much safer, healthier, and more eco-friendly alternative to bottled water. In contrast, bottled water companies are making huge profit off its consumers, with help from their advertisement. Through this use of clever bottled water designs, labels, and key words, they are able to draw publicity to their product, and costumers buy it. Unfortunately, much of their claims are misleading. For example, the famous “Smartwater”, makes you believe it has some sort of brain boosting additive to help you mentally, but it does not. Also, companies are using their big names to sway consumer’s opinions…

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