The Effects Of Bottled Water On Human Health And The Natural Environment

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Bottled water is one of products popularly consumed for the previous few decades. Because of the marketing of bottled water, people prefer to drink bottled water rather than tap water. Research has shown the fact that bottled water may not be as safe as the water provided by local utilities. So, why do people choose to drink bottled water and is bottled water as pure as advertised? There are also concerns about the effects of bottled-water on human health and the natural environment, due to the use of plastic bottles. People should have the fact about the safety and purity of tap water compared to bottled water and the disadvantageous effect of plastic to health and environment, so they may lessen drinking bottled water and change to tap water.
Statistics from the Web site show that in 2014, U.S consumers spent 11.8 billion dollars on purchasing approximately 30 billion bottles (see Table 1) (“Bottled Water Statistics”). This fact illustrates the high rate of American consumption of bottled water. Such a statistic also implies that the U.S. has a tendency to consume bottled water and unlikely drink tap water as they did in the past. So the question is why are people living in the U.S. choosing to consume so much bottled water? Bottled Water Statistics Data
Average number of plastic bottles used per person annually in the U.S. 167
Annual spending on bottled water in the U.S. $11.8 billion
Total number of bottles sold annually 30 billion

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