The Effects Of Boot Camps On The Juveniles Essay

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In my paper i will be discussing the effects of boot camps on the juveniles that take residence inside of them. First, we must understand what a juvenile boot camp is and what qualifies a juvenile to be sent to them. Boot camp programs are short-term residential programs recognized for their familiarity with facilities often seen in the military . Participants are typically assigned to squads and housed in dorms that are closely related to those of military barracks. They are put through rigorous daily routines that aim to strengthen discipline, physical labor, exercise, and drill that is overseen by the respective boot camp staff who act as drill instructors and are often addressed by military titles. Most boot camps are correctional, functioning as a disposition for juveniles who are adjudicated delinquent. However, sometimes boot camps are privately run and may house other troubled youth who are placed in the program by their parents. If the parents felt as though they have done all they could do and they weren 't getting through to their child, they could always send them to these boot camps. As i have said already, the main goals of these immediate sanctions are to correct the problematic behaviors that these juveniles display.
Their are different types of boot camps that are ran in the United States of America. Most boot camps are correctional boot camps, they function as a disposition for juvenile offenders to a sentence of confinement for adult…

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