Biodiversity In The Rainforest

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Biodiversity is Threatened
The animals that live in the rainforests and forests are dependant on the many different species that live there. They are also dependant on the trees and plants that grow in their areas. When deforestation happens, it tears away the plants and trees, which in turn, chases away or kills the animals living there. As the habitat is ripped away, the original species living there struggle to live while other species could move in and take over the rest of the land, killing off the remaining animals and plants living there.
Water Quality is Reduced due to Soil Erosion Another reason that the animals are affected negatively is the soil erosion that happens when the Earth is ripped up and the soil gets into the water.
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Some of the plants and animals found in the forests can’t be found anywhere else. Native tribes the the areas of the rainforests depend on the food and trade that the forests provide.The tribes and people that depend on the forests for their way of life are damaged from deforestation ("Effects of Deforestation," 2018). Many types of food that the world eats also comes and can be found in these forests. The forests also provide for many animals that the world eats to survive.The animals provide food for people.The forests are a necessary source of food and deforestation has caused them to …show more content…
Water is a constant need that many forests provide.When there is deforestation in the area, the surrounding water is tainted with the exposed soil. The water becomes muddy and unclean. The plants and animals that thrive on freshwater suffer from the silty conditions that comes from erosion. The people who depend on the fish and plants that come from the clean water have to find other ways to support themselves. Water is an essential need and humans depend on freshwater to survive.
Many think that deforestation is a problem that was in the past, but even today it is a problem with the effects hurting the environment. The environment, animals, and people are suffering from the harmful effects of deforestation. The world must save what forests are left and try to recover from the effects that deforestation has had on the environment. There are many organizations that are currently trying to fix the damage and trying to stop deforestation. There are many threats the the world is working on fixing, which is a big help. Being informed is one of the best ways to help the forests stay a forest.

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