Essay on The Effects Of Binge Drinking On College Students

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Binge drinking in college students has become the unfortunate trend of the modern day. Some think it’s just kids having a good time but others call it ¨The Plague On College Campuses¨. Binge drinking is when someone drinks double or more than their body can handle. For example, two pints of beer is the usual amount the body is supposed to take in but if someone were to drink fourthat would be categorized as binge drinking. College students are the number one age group that consume a great deal of alcohol in a small period of time. There are different reasons for what causes these students to intake so much of this liquid drug, but do they also realize the effects of it? Students in college drink a heavy amount of alcohol for three reasons: to get away from the stress of their parents and school, relationship problems, or to socialize. College students are one of the most stressed group of people out there. They worry about paying for college and meals and housing and grades and necessities. Parents don’t really help with forcing their child to go to college or giving them ultimatums if they don’t have straight A’s and a 4.0. Something to forget about all the worries of life for a bit, is alcohol. It’s a temporary fade from reality. In that moment they’re just having a good time. Once it starts to wear off, reality comes back so they keep drinking to keep forgetting. Stress is a killer itself so to some people, drinking helps with that. If they can escape all the worries of…

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