Essay about The Effects Of Binge Drinking On College Towns

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The situation which occurred with Luke occurs a lot in college towns due to the amount of partying that happens in college towns. Most Universities all have a common nickname which is party town. There are many factors which influence people to drink and eventually lead to binge drinking. Binge drinking is the pattern of drinking alcohol that brings the persons BAC to .08 grams or above. Which means for men they consume at least five drinks or more in a two hour span. For women they consume four drinks or more within two hours. BAC stands for Blood Alcohol Concentration which is the ratio of alcohol in total blood volume. For people to be able to drive legally there BAC must be less than .08. Our BAC is determined by our weight and height. By the doctors telling Luke he had alcohol poisoning means that within a two hour of that night he consumed more than five alcohol drinks causing his BAC to be so high. There are many factors which affect the way our body absorbs alcohol. When our body absorbs alcohol twenty percent is absorbed through our stomach lining. The other eighty percent is consumed through the upper lining through the third small intestine. The factors which influence the way our body absorbs alcohol is the amount of alcohol concentration in the drinks. A rule of thumb when it comes to the amount of concentration in the drink is that wine and beer absorb the fastest out of all drinks. The higher amount of concentration in the drink the more rapid the drink will…

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