The Effects Of Autism On Children And Children Essay

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Over the last thirty years there has been a massive amount of people who have come to the conclusion that vaccinating their children will lead to future disorders, specifically autism. Research has been done to show that there is no direct correlation between vacating your children and them being diagnosed with autism. Still to this day people ignore the research and do not vaccinate their children.
Autism is a disorder in which the child struggles in social interactions with involving communication and their behavior is very repetitive. (Miller) Usually children get this disorder around or before the age of three. However, sometimes symptom do not present them till later in the child’s life. The Center for Disease and Control (CDC) says that one out of every 68 children has autism. The CDC has found boys are four times more susceptible to get disorder then girls are. The annual cost for autism therapies and treatments are approximately 40,000 to 60,000 a year. Diagnosing autism is a two-stage process. In stage one there is a general behavioral screening to see if the child has any symptoms of the disorder. In the next stage a team of doctors and other health workers evaluate the patient to see if they show signs of autism or some other sort of developmental disorder. (NIMH) Some people believe the increase in the number cases of autism is related to the increase number of vaccinations children receive. The real reason is because society has a better idea of what the…

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