The Effects Of Asthma On Pregnant African Americans Essay

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In 2004, over fourteen million adults and six million children in the United States had asthma. A disproportionally large number of these asthmatics were African-American. According to ALA calculations of data from the National Health Interview Survey (NHIS), in 2004, African-Americans had an 11.5% higher prevalence of asthma than whites (American Lung Association 2007). While African-Americans represent only 12.1% of the population of the United States, they represent 25% of the asthmatic deaths. In 2007, African-American children were nearly four times more likely to be hospitalized for asthma than white children (US Department of Health and Human Services, 2007). African-Americans also have higher rates of death due to asthma than whites, who make up the majority of the population of the United States (US Census Bureau, 2007), in all gender and age categories (Moorman et al., 2007).
According to many researchers, asthma has an effect on pregnant African-Americans. Carroll, Griffin et al. found that all pregnant, low-income women required emergency department (ED) visits, needed rescue corticosteroids, and were hospitalized due to their asthma more often than other pregnant women (Carroll et al., 2005); this relationship continued for low- income pregnant African-American women when compared to low-income pregnant white women (Carroll et al., 2005). Asthma during pregnancy does not only affect the mother, but it can affect the child as well (MacMullen, Tymkow, & Shen,…

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