The Effects Of Artificial Environments On Humans Essay

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Away From Nature, We Go It started with the Industrial Revolution; people started to leave their farms and move into more urban areas. This was also the time when workers obtained jobs in factories. People were starting to spend more time indoors rather than outdoors in a natural environment. We started to spend our time in artificial environments. Our connection with nature has slowly been diminishing since this time. Humans now spend much of their time in artificial environments away from the natural world. The effect of artificial environments on humans is shameful. Artificial Environments have become the new natural environment. It is where people spend most of or all of their time except for the short walks to and from artificial places. This is having a negative effect on humans. It is making humans lose touch with nature and perhaps lose touch with parts of their heritage. Kalle Lasn tells of her first-hand experience seeing the effect of artificial environments of her own children, “The kids’ senses have become so deadened from disuse they can’t touch, taste, smell, or see that they are in a marvelous place” (Lasn, 170). Humans away from nature does not just lose their senses, but also themselves. Lasn goes on to say, “This detachment from nature may not seem like much of a problem, but it is. In fact, it’s a disaster” (Lasn, 170). We are losing a part of who we are and we are not even noticing it, yet. There are people who still have a strong connection with the…

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