The Effects Of Anxiety And Stress On Society Essay

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Anxiety and stress has had an impact on my life recently and it is not until taking sociology that I realized the importance of how the mental illness greatly affects society. When I went to the doctor 's office for the first time to talk about my feelings of nervousness he told me that anxiety was a growing epidemic in this day and age. At first I did not really think about what he said, but looking back at that statement I wonder why in the United States, where the quality of living is better than a majority of other countries, has a higher anxiety rate that any other country in the world. Now, looking at anxiety and stress from a sociological perspective I learned that what I once saw as an individual problem is an issue world wide. Not only does one third of americans suffer from anxiety, but the effects of the mental illness are negative on all of our society. The essay discusses the history of anxiety and how it shapes how society sees anxiety today, it discusses the problem of anxiety as a public issue, and it discusses the negative and positives causes from anxiety.

For many years humans were threatened by natural disasters, other animals, and not having enough food to survive. These threats caused a feeling of nervousness and worry that we perceive today as stress and anxiety. It has only been since recently that we consider anxiety to be a serious issue and call it a mental illness. Not only did people ignore the problem of anxiety, but women were punished…

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