The Effects Of Animal Testing On The Nervous System Essay

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In 1982, members of the animal rights group, the Animal Liberation Front, broke into a research

laboratory owned by Howard University in Washington, D.C. Their leader had been trained to break into

buildings, change license plates, forge driver’s licenses, and knew various surveillance techniques. Using

ketamine hydrochloride, a drug that is used as an anesthetic, they sedated the cats and left in their

place a copy of an animal rights book. The group was efficient and was in and out in less than forty

minutes. The estimated loss was at $2,640, according to a spokesperson for Howard University. The cats

were being used to research the effect of drugs on the nervous system (Day).

Animal testing is a controversial issue throughout the United States. Many believe that animal

testing is cruel, inhumane and unnecessary, while others say that without it, science would be at a

standstill. Animals are used to test the toxicity of cosmetics, toiletries, and other household products, as

well as operations, medications and vaccines, before they are released to the public. The United States

Department of Agriculture estimated that 25 million animals are used in research annually (The Human

Society). To better understand why animal testing is an issue and why there need to be alternatives, we

will first discuss the treatment of animals in research laboratories. Then we learn about the tests and

experiments performed and why we need to switch to better methods.…

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