The Effects Of Alcoholism On Mental And Emotional Health Of The Alcoholic

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One out of every three Americans is an alcoholic, meaning they either abuse alcohol or dependent upon it. Not only does alcoholism have detrimental health effects on the body that can lead to death, but it also has tremendous effects on the mental and emotional health of the alcoholic. Alcoholics struggle to maintain their jobs, their health, their relationships, their spirituality and their daily routines- just to give a few examples. Alcoholics are powerless to alcohol, no matter how much they love their husband or child or job, the alcohol will always win- this is why it is a disease. The inability to control their addiction brings about immense shame and guilt. The causes of this disease are not completely known, but are understood to be the combination of both genetic and environmental factors.
With 30% of Americans suffering from alcoholism this meant that 30% of American families were also suffering. Alcoholics’ behaviors shape their family and create an environment which has long-term, negative effects on children. Due to the dysfunctional relationships and rituals produced by the alcoholic family, children suffer to feel safe enough to establish their own identities. I hypothesize that these effects vary depending on the composition of the family, more specifically I propose that alcoholic fathers have a greater negative effect on the environment of developing children than alcoholic mothers do.
Alcoholism does not only effect the alcoholic; it also shapes his or…

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