The Effects Of Alcoholism On Family, Children, And The Individuals Suffering From Alcoholism

1005 Words Mar 21st, 2016 null Page
Around the world, there are numerous types of addictions that every type of person suffers from, but there is only one type of addiction that I am interested in discussing today, alcoholism. I am sure that even if your life is not directly affected by the disease, you are at least a little familiar with the basics. In this paper I plan to give you a brief understanding of the three basic issues you should be informed upon so you can make better decisions involving alcohol in the future. First, I will discuss who is at the most risk of falling victim to alcoholism, second, I will discuss the symptoms of alcoholism, and finally I will discuss the impact alcoholism has on family, children, and the individuals suffering from alcoholism. To begin, there are all types of people from every walk of life that become victims of alcoholism. But you may be asking yourself who is at the most risk of developing an addiction to alcohol? Well, the answer to that question depends on several variables like, genetics; high stress, anxiety, or emotional pain; close friends or partners who drink excessively; and sociocultural factors that glorify alcohol (Kail Cavanaugh 341). Taking these factors into account, when it comes to gender, more men than women develop alcoholism (Kail Cavanaugh 341). Now when it comes to ethnic groups, more European Americans and Native Americans are prone to developing alcoholism (Kail Cavanaugh 341). Furthermore, according to studies, there is a significant link…

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