Essay on The Effects Of Alcohol On The United States

1447 Words Apr 21st, 2016 6 Pages
There Should Be No Alcohol in The United States The United States is one of freedom country in the world. Alcohol is the most commonly used addictive substance in the United States it is legal and pervasive. Alcohol impacts strongly in the relationship between families and other social problems. Alcohol can have many effects on adults; it can also affect teenagers as well. Alcohol has a negative impact on youth. Besides the fact that alcohol influences murder, suicide. The American dreams is to safe of all citizenship. Child abuse are another type of behavior that alcohol can influence. The government can help lower amount of child abuse, crime by banning of alcohol. Even though some people believe alcohol should be allowed for anyone who want to consume it, there should be no alcohol in the United States because it increase the amount of crime, it causes people to lose their future opportunity and it negatively affects their health. There should be no alcohol in the United States because it causes the conflict between families. It destroys the family life and bring conflict around the neighborhood. According to the Chicago Tribune, “Alcohol Ruins Marriages and destroys family” (Dickinson). When they get drunk they can’t control their mind. Family goals is to protect the family’s member and they can’t possibly do their goal while drinking alcohol. So, they harm people around them. They think they are the best. Using alcohol makes people hate instead of making peace. Rape…

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