The Effects Of Alcohol On The Human Body

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Alcohol is a very highly addictive stimulant, which may cause severe harm to a person. For example, heavy drinkers are at more risk of suffering from the dangers of alcohol. Alcohol can damage a person’s body, and brain in many ways. Too much alcohol can cause health issues to the human body such as heart complications, cirrhosis of the liver, and increase cognitive problems. Many people do not realize the dangers alcohol can affect a person’s body. For instance, too much alcohol can effect a person’s heart and blood circulation. People who drink heavily, have an increase of being affected from heart disease. “This is due to damage to the cardiomyopathy, but increasing the risks of heart attacks and from coronary artery disease” (Hart & Ksir, …show more content…
“Cirrhosis of the liver is known as an irreversible, often associated with a deadly liver disorder caused from heavy alcohol use” (Hart & Ksir, 2015). Cirrhosis of the liver occurs when liver cells are exchanged by fibrous tissue within the liver. Fibrous tissues then have the ability to change the formation of a person’s liver. “These changes to the liver then decrease the blood flow and, loses cells, resulting in a decreased ability of the liver to function” (Hart & Ksir, 2015). If the human liver does not function correctly, other infections and cancers may occur in the liver as …show more content…
Risky behavior can result in experimenting other drugs that may lead to overdose, sex, and making poor decisions. Alcohol can also cause a person to perform disruptive behavior, such as violence. All of these forms of behavior play a huge role of alcohol consumption on a person’s body.
Suffering from alcohol addiction can be very dangerous. A person can have very serious withdrawals if they plan on sobering up without medical attention. Withdrawals can cause severe hydration, seizures, and even death. Once an individual is exposed to heavily drinking for a long time, they may experience severe depression or anxiety. Many people have attempted suicide due to all of these severe symptoms.
As for society, an alcohol addiction can cause many different forms. For instance a person can truly hurt a person who cares about them due to an alcohol addiction. Alcohol addiction can also encourage others to engage in alcohol use. When it comes to society, public intoxication and heavy crimes have been affected due to alcohol abuse. Alcohol has affected society, leaving others at harm due to alcohol

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