Too Much Alcohol Is Damaging Human Body

Alcohol is a very highly addictive stimulant, which may cause severe harm to a person. For example, heavy drinkers are at more risk of suffering from the dangers of alcohol. Alcohol can damage a person’s body, and brain in many ways. Too much alcohol can cause health issues to the human body such as heart complications, cirrhosis of the liver, and increase cognitive problems. Many people do not realize the dangers alcohol can affect a person’s body. For instance, too much alcohol can effect a person’s heart and blood circulation. People who drink heavily, have an increase of being affected from heart disease. “This is due to damage to the cardiomyopathy, but increasing the risks of heart attacks and from coronary artery disease” (Hart & Ksir, …show more content…
For instance, chronic drinkers can develop different cognitive problems. Cognitive problems are caused from scar tissue in the brain, and loss of brain tissue. A person ca also suffer from Wernicke-Korsakoff syndrome. “Wernicke-Korsak is known as a chronic mental impairment that is caused by heavy alcohol use over a long period of time” (Hart & Ksir, 2015). A person may have issues with processing thoughts, memories, problem- solving, or decision making. These are all caused by the loss of brain tissue, and scar tissue. There are many different dangers of addiction for individuals and society. For instance, alcohol addiction can put a person and others at risk. A person who is suffering from alcohol addiction are capable of drinking and driving. Drinking and driving can cause a person to have a deadly accident for themselves, and others on the road.
Anyone who is addicted to alcohol has a higher chance of involving themselves in risky behavior. Risky behavior can result in experimenting other drugs that may lead to overdose, sex, and making poor decisions. Alcohol can also cause a person to perform disruptive behavior, such as violence. All of these forms of behavior play a huge role of alcohol consumption on a person’s
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Many people throughout United States drink on certain holidays. “Alcohol was known as the first psychoactive substance to become demonized in American culture” (Hart & Ksir, 2015). For instance, New Years, birthdays, 4th of July, St. Patrick’s Day, and many more. “Culture passes through important set of ideas about how alcohol is supposed to affect people, including behavioral changes after a person drinks are resulted to the pharmacological effects of having alcohol in their system” (Hart & Ksir, 2015). Some people treat culture as a religion, that should not be broken.
St. Patrick’s is known as an Irish culture to many people. On this day, many Irish and others drink very heavily to celebrate the holiday. This holiday plays a big role on culture and religion. St. Patrick’s Day has rated the highest holiday that people consume alcohol. Over 33 million Irish-Americans drink heavily on this holiday” (Kiernan, 2016). It is okay to consume alcoholic beverages on certain holidays, but it should be done responsibly. Drinking long hours of the day leads to addictions, and other issues later down the

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