The Effects Of Alcohol On College Athletes And Their Bodies Essay

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The consumption of alcohol has severe effects on college athletes and their bodies. For example, alcohol can affect college athletes by “loss of balance and coordination, reduced reaction time, and increased appetite” (SCAN Registered Dietitians, 2013). This decline in cognitive function plays a large role in sports related injuries, along with vitamin and mineral deficiencies which affect the immune system (SCAN Registered Dietitians, 2013). Consuming alcohol after an athletic performance can also severely affect athletes. According to NCAA, consuming alcohol can cause a problem with “muscle glycogen synthesis and storage may be decreased, and gluconeogenesis can be stunted, potentially leading to hypoglycemia and impairing future performance” (SCAN Registered Dietitians, 2013). There is an extensive amount of research that supports the notion that college athletes in particular are a population at a uniquely large frequency of problem drinking (Yusko, Buckman, White, & Pandina, 2008). With the high levels of heavy drinking within this population comes the added risk of negative physical effects. A study performed on lab rats suggests that chronic alcohol consumption compromises skeletal integrity (Reed, McCarty, Evans, Turner, & Westerlind, 2006). The nature of a collegiate athlete’s routine physical activity paired with excessive alcohol consumption, as is common according to studies, exposes the individual to a higher potential for skeletal injuries such as…

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