The Effects Of Alcohol On American Society Essay

1038 Words Nov 25th, 2015 null Page
Excessive Alcohol Consumption is Damaging to American Society.
Alcohol has long been a staple item for many civilizations throughout recorded history, American society is no exception to this trend. Alcohol is found almost everywhere, it has a presence that is seemingly inescapable. The beverages containing this substance are advertised throughout all forms of media, the overwhelming societal influence that occurs as a result of this practice cannot be denied. The harmful effects of alcohol begin to effect many Americans at a young age, because there is an underlining expectation to drink due to contributing societal pressures. It is these same consistent pressures by society that cause the negative effects of this practice to follow many into adulthood. The media’s glamorization of alcohol in American culture contributes to excessive alcohol consumption, which is linked to motor vehicle collisions, higher crime rates, and dangerous health conditions.
The extreme portrayal of alcohol by the media has become so common place that modern viewers have almost become numb to the blatant substance abuse often featured. Alcohol use in media can easily go unnoticed by many audiences because of how subtly the activity is often depicted. According to psychopathology professors at Radboud University, alcohol is featured in 80-95% of all movie storylines, typically this is depicted in a positive light. Less than 10% of the depictions of alcohol consumption in media show the negative…

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