Essay about The Effects Of Alcohol On Alcohol Consumption

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Alcohol has been around longer than anyone can even remember. It has been linked with multiple unfortunate medical conditions and troubled relationships throughout history. It is also one of the main causes of many community mishaps. Alcohol consumption delivers many adverse consequences that affect the relationship, mental power and physical health of users. Even though no one really knows the exact time alcoholic beverage was actually invented or came into production many researchers and historians believed that it started from an accidental fortuitous of various fruits that fell from the tress tens and thousands of years ago. Experts have also concluded that fermented beverage was made from multiple type of ingredients such as honey, rice, and fruits that were used by many cultures for religious and sociological events. Some researchers and historian also believe that alcohol may have started from natural honeys and berries and that wine making may have started in the Middle East from the regions of wild grape (Hanson). The incidental discovery of these fermented liquids became so popular that it spread throughout and became addicted many became addicted to it that it created many problems in the life and health of many users. The effects of drinking alcohol does not discriminate age, gender, hierarchy and locations. Many have considered alcohol consumption as part of their daily routine. Some have considered it as part of individual and social celebration…

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