The Effects Of Alcohol And Tobacco On College Students Essay

1103 Words Nov 5th, 2014 null Page
The Most Commonly Used Drug in College There are many types of drugs in the world, such as, marijuana, heroin, cocaine, LSD, tobacco, alcohol and many more. In a college campus, alcohol is the most commonly used drug (Wechsler, 73). The most problems faced by American students in college are heavy episodic drinking, and is a very serious problem in most, if not all cases (O’Malley 73). Some people do not consider alcohol and tobacco drugs but they most certainly are. In my opinion, if anything is addictive and harmful to your body I do in fact consider it a drug. Before any of my research, I would’ve guessed that marijuana would be the most commonly used drug among college students, in fact I was wrong. Alcohol is and always will be a huge problem and play a huge role in college students. Alcohol can cause many risky behaviors and negative consequences on anyone, but more importantly college students. Around that age, they believe they are on their own and have maximum freedom (Brianna A. Lienemann 73). Male college students actually have higher drinking rates than most females. When females typically drink, they drink according to how the males are drinking around them. If teenagers and you adults are not careful, is could result in, personal injuries, black outs, rape, and academic impairment (Perkins 73). The law states that only adults of age, such as twenty-one are legally allowed to drink and consume alcohol. In 1984, The Uniform Drinking Age Act was put into…

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