The Effects Of Air Pollution On The World Essay example

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A hot, American topic these days is the steady rise of pollution in the world and the negative effects it is having on everything. Air pollution is the consistency of particle in the air that are harmful to humans, animals, and plants, and often times buildings (Rutledge, et al., 2011). With these pollutants in the air, they act as the beginning of a chain of effects that occur in our cycle of life. Air pollution in the 21st century is becoming greater each day as man-made technology distributes harmful gasses and chemicals that are circulated through our ecosystem.
While our technology increases and the methods of burning chemicals to produce energy continues, our air pollution suffers the consequences. Our ways of speedy travel, such as cars and trucks on the ground are a major contribution according to the studies of three Turkish men at Bartin University. They made a list of the pollutants that are released by our motor vehicles saying, “The pollutants released from the motor vehicles are carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, hydrocarbons, nitrogen oxides, sulfur oxides, soot in particle form, and some heavy metals” (Barış Özel, et al., 2015). This is a large list of chemicals that are released from our motor vehicles alone. As these chemicals are released, they slowly make their way up to our atmosphere.
When fossil fuels and chemicals are released into the atmosphere, the toxic chemicals are now floating above, waiting to be mixed with the clouds and moister in the air.…

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