The Effects Of Air Pollution On The World Essay

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Many different types of pollution that exist in the world. Air pollution is often talked about amongst all the other types of pollution. Another type of pollution that causes severe damage to the environment is water pollution. Water pollution occurs when toxic substances enter water bodies getting dissolved in them. In countries such as India, Afghanistan, and Chad people are drinking water directly from the lakes, oceans, and nearby streams. This water is contaminated by millions of chemicals that are getting ingested into their bodies. They have no other option, but to drink this because water is essential. Canada is lucky enough to have this luxury of filtered water. They are the once that are more advantaged and they should not waste any water (Pollution Solutions). The water from these foreign countries are fortunate to be filtered and safely drinken by the citizens. Humans are not the only ones that are getting harmed. Marine animals are dying from living in contaminated water, which is their habitats. There are many more ways how the Earth is slowly becoming affected by water pollution.
Cornell University ecologist David Pimentel estimates that 62 million deaths per year (40 percent of all that occur) can be attributed to environmental factors, particularly organic and chemical pollutants that accumulate in the air we breathe and the water we drink (Livescience). Water is essential to humans, but who knew it can also harm them. Humans are becoming affected by…

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