The Effects Of Agricultural Productivity On The World Since World War II

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Please answer ALL of the following questions below. You can use bullet points if you’d like to assist in organizing any of your answers, but do use complete sentences.

1. Drawing on lecture notes and course readings, identify at least two reasons that explain the dramatic increases in agricultural productivity seen across the world since World War II. You can answer this in just a few sentences. (5 points)

At the end of world war two, agricultural productivity improved worldwide. A reason as to why this may have occurred, was due to “…the tremendous postwar increases in the productivity of American farmers, made possible by cheap fossil fuel[s]…” (Pollan, 2010). Furthermore, due to the end of the war, all of the supplies and agriculture that was being produced for the combatants need not be made for the purpose of the war. Therefore, farmers could then produce the same mass amounts but for regular people, creating capital gain. As Michael Pollan stated, this was all due to the rise in availability of cheap fossil fuels. Another reason that agricultural productivity increased is due to the Green Revolution. The Green Revolution created advances all over the world, by creating higher volumes of crops due to different varieties, and also introducing the world to chemical fertilizers. Both the Green Revolution paired with cheap fossil fuels created a boom in agricultural productivity, resulting in a worldwide movement.

2. Identify at least two ways in which the…

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