The Effects Of Age At Childbirth? Essay

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The Effects of Age at Childbirth
Age is a big factor when it comes to planning parenthood, in-fact most, if not all couples think long and hard on when they should have children. There are many concerns that play into the decision and include that of fetal health and development, birth complications, and mother’s health concerns. Each one of these is important to consider since they can alter the mother’s lives and possibly their child’s life, forever. As we research the effects that age can have on childbirth we have to consider the research that is used to help us understand the truth and not just the speculations. From this research, we can see how age can affect the lives of everyone involved in the pregnancy. It will also help the parents gain the knowledge and understanding that could help eliminate the risks behind the best time to conceive and raise children.
Early pregnancy is expected to lower in the years, ranging from 1995-2020 but this does not eliminate the risk that comes with the childbirth (How Age Affects Pregnancy, 2008). There are many problems associated with pregnancies, especially with those who are under the age of 17. These problems originate based on the fact that the body is not mature enough to experience such things like pregnancy and childbirth. A woman’s body, usually begins to reach its peak point in time, for pregnancy, at the age of 20 (Mathiessen, 2014). Most if not all women will have a lower chance of miscarriage and a higher chance of…

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