The Effects Of Advertising On Young Children Essay

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In today’s world advertising plays a big role in society, where children have become a primary target (Barbaro, 2008). This brings up the question, whether advertising to children is ethical, since many children under 8 do not have the cognitive ability to decrypt and understand the true motive of advertisements (Calvert S. L., 2008, p. 205). Today, children are heavily bombarded by advertisements in various forms whether they realize it or not, since children now use technology from a young age where advertisers easily have direct access to them (Calvert S. L., 2008, p. 207). This paper will argue that marketers focusing on young children as consumer is a social problem the needs to be addressed and that advertising to young children should be restricted. The paper will first discuss how advertisers abuse a youth’s inability to recognize the deceptiveness and physiological influence it has on them forcing them to purse a pseudo happiness. The next section of the paper will cover the negative messages being promoted by advisers which urge children to live an unhealthy lifestyle. Finally, the essay will conclude with an analysis of the current position of advertising, being detrimental to a child’s development.

Advertising plays a big role on a child, an average child in the U.S. sees around 40,000 ads yearly (Calvert S. L., 2008, p. 206). Youth markets substantially increased to where four to twelve year olds spend around $30 billion and have a great impact a $ 500…

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