The Effects Of Advertising On The United States Essay

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The Effects of Advertising in the United States

Since the industrial and economic expansion after World War II, the United States has been driven to a society based around consumerism. In the modern era, not only are goods and services are more accessible to consumers more than ever before, but one product may have numerous options from which to choose. This is the result of technology being utilized in order to produce more goods for cheaper prices, which in return alters the supply and demand curve. Yet, the biggest influence of the way in which Americans consume goods and services is directly linked to modern advertising. Advertising has become an industry on its own. The average person sees so many ads per day, he becomes desensitized to them. This includes on billboards, television commercials, store windows, on the radio, and through the world-wide web. Commercials are used to appeal to certain psychodynamics, which refers to how different groups of people have different lifestyles and values. This is constructed to influence those consumers to feel like the product will improve their lives or help them “fit into” society by manipulating the self-esteem, and eating habits and health of millions of people. Additionally, advertising contributes to rape culture by sexualizing and exploiting the genders
Self Esteem Self-esteem is the attitude one has for one’s self as projected by the concept of self-evaluation, which is when humans assess their personal value-…

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