The Effects Of Advertising On The United States Essay

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Countries like France, Finland, and Norway deemed that a ruling banning tobacco advertising was not unconstitutional since many believed their governments had a right to “intervene in the overall interest of its citizens.” The world health organization reported tobacco as the responsible cause of death for over 3 million people in 1990. After several internal industry documents were released in the
United States, it was becoming more and more apparent that tobacco companies were targeting the young audiences through elaborate advertising. In India, Many of the States provided significant contribution to health care, and having smokers damaging their own health only increased the health care expenses. Many believed that the tobacco industry decline was also going to decrease the employment rate, but after a study was conducted on tobacco consumption and employment, the researches pointed out that the money that otherwise would have been spent on tobacco products, instead, was finding its way into goods and services that required intensive labor, therefore replacing the employment provided by the tobacco companies.

The ones who oppose the ban on tobacco advertising base their rationale on freedom of choice. As Amit Sarkar, editor of tobacco news, explained “Adults who consume tobacco do so of their own free choice. The risk falls entirely on them and is fully explained to them. If we lose sight of this principle, then we lose sight of the truth on which all…

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