The Effects Of Advertising On The Fashion Industry Essay

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The misleading body image advertised on the cover of Fashion Magazines such as Vogue and Teen Vogue, create a prejudice among women in the United States that motivates individuals to believe that there is only one body type that is beautiful and successful in society. This harmful advertising has a causal relationship with the increase in eating disorders and depression seen in young women (Kilbourne, 2000). Because Magazines are a powerful marketing tool; this type of advertising leads to a cultural bias known as “Weightism” (Kilbourne, 2000). Creative directors and editors at Vogue and Teen Vogue should advertise diverse body types on the cover of their magazines in North America.
The standard body was much curvier and more attainable 20 years ago. Models represented on the cover of Vogue and Teen Vogue represent an unattainable and misleading image for women of all ages. Throughout the years, the creative decisions of editors and directors of fashion magazines have been motivated by creating a market that increases brand loyalty and product relationships focusing on the importance this has on sales in the Fashion Industry (Kilbourne, 2000).
Since 2007, The Council of Fashion Designers of America, set clear guidelines to mentor models who are clearly suffering from eating disorders and to provide nutritious food during shoots and shows (Wintour, 2012). However, the reality of trying to regulate the average model’s BMI measurement also enforces an image of one acceptable…

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