Essay on The Effects Of Advertising On Our Society

757 Words Dec 6th, 2016 4 Pages
My signature assignment revolves around the harmful ideas which sneak their way into advertisement and in result, the mind of the consumer. I decided on this topic by first looking over the list of topics and choosing the one that I thought was interesting and had the most potential for exploration. After deciding on the general topic of advertising I began evaluating what aspect was the most important to our digital age. This lead me to the idea that research about the effects advertising has on our beliefs and behavior was the path I wanted to take.
The early steps of my argument essay began with research. I didn’t want to start writing in depth about my topic until I had an adequate understanding of the information I would eventually use. The beginning of my research started with searching google for articles pertaining to the psychology involved in advertisement. This researching process is always my favorite part of writing an essay. I read through many articles, watched videos, and engaged in discussions about the impact the media has on our society. Documenting this process was vital for the success of my paper and I made sure to save links to the sites I visited and write as many notes as I possibly could. I later went through these notes and decided what references were going to be most applicable for the essay. After much research, I decided to write the argument essay on the consumer 's responsibility to be informed about the ideas being presented to them in…

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