The Effects Of Advertising On Our Health Essay example

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Advertising is an enormous part of people’s lives and surrounds us where ever we are located. As you walk into a gas station, driving down the road, or watching television, a person sees advertisements all around them. Advertising influences people to buy their products, whether they will be beneficial to us or terrible for our health. People still buy products even if the product have consequences that come with the product. Some companies put their food commercials or advertisements on billboards, television, internet, and magazines. A person sees advertisements wherever they go. Therefore, people are surrounded by many advertisements daily and are highly influenced by media. Children who sit in front of the television or play games constantly are going to see numerous types of advertisements daily. These advertisers may attempt to make the children hungry, so they will eat more food, possibly causing obesity in the near future. The advertiser may also make the child want to buy another video game or toy to add to the collection that they already have in their toy box. These two objectives, sitting in front of the television and eating and buying more games, may cause the child to have health issues in the future. According to Dietary Habits and Cardiometabolic Health in Obese Children on, “Prevalence of obesity has risen in the past three decades because of societal changes in eating habits and less active lifestyles, which shifted the balance of energy…

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