The Effects Of Abortion On Women 's Lives Between The Late 1800 's And Early 1900 ' S

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The two most important themes related to health in American women 's lives between the late 1800 's and early 1900 's are contraception and abortion. Both contraception and abortion would be a turning point for individual rights as well as medicine. Before the institution of medicine accepted birth control and abortion, women in general were regarded as housewives, child bearers and most served the local communities as midwives and healers to the sick. Even though midwives were highly regarded in their communities, their authority was still superceded by male doctors. Before the coming of abortion, the only way to dispose of a child was through the process of a craniotomy. It wasn 't until the mid 1900 's that American women would begin to gain both right 's which also in the process would change the institution of medicine, the technology within it and practices which are still instituted in the medical community today. There was a time when both pregnancy and child bearing defined a married woman 's life. Motherhood was defined as their destiny as they were designed as “keeper of the hearth, as breeder and rearer of children” (Rosenberg 335) and was an event in which the birthing mother 's friends, family and local midwife came to support her during child birth. The rural midwife was in charge of most of the local healthcare extending duties to prescribing medicine, nursing the sick and laying out the dead. Even though the local midwife had beside authority over her…

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