The Effectiveness Of The Women 's Development Approach Essay

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Maryam Sanah Mustun
AP SOSC 1430 Tutorial 1
Miguel Gonzalez
Tuesday November 10th 2015
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The Effectiveness of the Women in Development Approach
When we talk about progress in development, we focus on how well the society as a whole adapts and contributes to changes on the social, economic, and political level. We often neglect how certain changes affect particular groups in the society, like women. The natural care-givers and fierce leaders have been continually, traditionally oppressed throughout history and are still on going in present day. More than 85 million school aged girls around the world are deprived of an education and about 64% of illiterate adults are women (Maritinez, 87). The majority of them suffer illnesses such as AIDS and HIV and fall victim to constant sexual harassment and violence (87). One may wonder, how can a society develop as a whole when more than half of us are left behind?
Organizations around the world have to come together to come up with different approaches, such as the Women in Development perspective, to help provide the emancipation of women of the developing countries. However, in my opinion, these approaches individually fail to identify all of the inequalities that women face and thus fail to give appropriate solutions. In this essay, we will examine how the WID approach focuses only on allowing women to participate economically in the society, while failing to include power systems and social structures…

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