The Effectiveness Of Drug Courts Essay

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The effectiveness of drug courts to decrease recidivism has been questioned in relation to family, adult and juvenile drug courts; however, when looking at the decrease of recidivism the effectiveness on countless lives it is proven that it works. Hickman (2010) says [stated]:
As the world is increasingly drawn together through technology ease of travel (for some), and global economic integration, people are increasingly attempting to address global problems, such as poverty, violence, disease, terrorism, intolerance, climate change, and health issues, as global community. The idea that global change can be accomplished when humans work together to address large-scale problems that affect the quality of life for people across nations… (p. 232)
Drugs affect many different cultures in many different ways but, from a global aspect if we all work together to change the mindset of people there may be less acceptance for people to be using drugs in the first place
Change of a mindset requires a willingness to change “We change only if we decide that the change is meaningful to whom we are” (Wheatley, 2006, p. 148). Drug use does not only affect the individual using the substance,
Between 60% and 80% of substantiated child abuse and neglect cases involve substance abuse by a custodial parent or guardian continued substance abuse by a custodial parent is associated with longer out-of-home placements for dependent children and higher rates of child victimization and…

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