The Effectiveness Of Counseling Methods Essay

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Introduction In this study the effectiveness of counseling methods was tested in a group of 20 middle and high school students at an alternative school. These students from a Southeastern metropolitan area were selected as a direct result of their inability to appropriately interact with peers and staff in their home school. This study classifies fights as; arguments, and or physical acts of aggression towards staff or other students. The study analyzed males and females between the ages of 16.4 to 17.8; splitting the group into two separate parts. In addition the paper presents results from two counseling methods; psychoanalysis (PSY) and cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT).
Scales of Measurement The scores are arranged in a manner which was disorganized for me to study so I rearranged them using a frequency distribution allowing me to glance and discern what data was needed at particular times during my research (Larson & Farber, 2009). When considering the arrangement of the study the first thing I noticed was that the clients are listed by number vice name; which indicates the data represented is arranged in a nominal scale (Drummond & Jones, 2010). In addition to the anonymous nature of the study, their stress level ranges from absolute zero to 100 indicating a ratio scale is in use (Drummond & Jones, 2010). The data also includes the frequency in which fights occurred both before and after the treatment. While analyzing the data, I noticed a negative…

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