Essay on The Effectiveness Of An Ethics Program

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The Effectiveness of an Ethics Program Creating an effective compliance program can be difficult are there many different areas to be covered. Jessica Bejarano is the chief ethics and compliance officer for PAE, a provider of integrated global mission services based in Arlington, Virginia. Bejarano, covers some of these topics in the article she wrote on effective compliance. Bejarano states that all companies should have a compliance program to help guide their employees if an issue or situation should arise (2015). Having an ethics program that employees can look to for advice if they so happen to come upon a specific situation. The gold standard that is look to be succeeded can be interpreted in different ways by the diversity of cultures that makes up the culture of a staff (Bejarano, 2015).
Technology is a great tool in helping facilitate the spread of ethical education throughout a company. Setting up on online program for employees to access easily can help to provide a quick and easy way for an employee who has an issue to rectify it in an effective way. Bejarano includes the importance of getting the compliance codes across a large portion of the company, especially ones that may be abroad (2015). She discusses the important of having the right equipment to navigate through online compliance messaging or training (Bejarano, 2015). Global communications should have a translator present to make sure that communication goes smoothly and employees aboard…

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