Chronic Stress Essay

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Most everyone experiences stress at least one point in their lives or another. In fact, in a national study done by the NPR (National Public Radio) found that out of the two thousand five hundred people who participated, more than one in four said that they felt a great deal of stress in the past month, and half of the people surveyed reported having a very stressing time in the past year alone (Hensley & Hurt, 2014). With stress being a universal problem that everyone deals with one could technically categorize it as an epidemic. However, this epidemic affects the different parts of our nation differently. It was found that people who lived on the east coast believed they had higher levels of stress and less effective ways of
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Acute stress (like a car accident) causes your heart rate to speed up because of the stress hormones and adrenaline being released into the blood stream. Once the acute stressor has passed everything in the body returns to normal. Chronic stress is defined above as long-term stress in the side text. Therefore, in chronic stress, your body is constantly in a state of fight or flight response, the heart beats fast, and adrenaline is constantly being released. Having chronic stress can put you at a high risk for having a heart attack or a stroke (American Psychological Association, 2016b).
Endocrine system
The adrenal glands are responsible for the release of adrenaline, which gives your body energy. In a stressful situation, your glands are working overtime with a constant steady flow of adrenaline. Your liver is also part of your endocrine system. During the fight or flight experience your liver produces extra sugars, which is not dangerous your body will just reabsorb it. However, for people who have diabetes their bodies have a tough time absorbing sugar this can be dangerous for them to get overly stressed (American Psychological Association, 2016b).
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The child development institute recommend three different ways we can deal with our stress. First is relax, just take a couple of deep breaths. To help YouTube some breathing exercises to calm down the nerves and lower heart rate. Try meditation! Although listening to sounds of the ocean may not work for everyone, it is calming to some people. Prayer is even a form of meditation, so people who pray often will feel less stressed. The third way that is recommended to get rid of stress is to go and do something you enjoy. If you love watching cat videos on the internet go ahead take a five minute break when you can from reality and laugh a little (Child Development Institute, 2016). Lastly exercise, when you exercise your body releases endorphins. Endorphins are a chemical released in the brain that make a person happy and act as a pain killer. So the more you exercise the more your stress levels will decrease (Anxiety and Depression Association of America, 2016).
Stressing is probably the worst thing you could do to your body depending on whether you have acute, episodic, or chronic stress. When you are stressed, it effects every part of your body from your brain down to the nerves in your toes. Long-term stress can make you very sick and in the long run end up killing you through heart attack or stroke. So do your best to prevent stress in

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