The Effective And Exemplary Teacher Essay examples

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The Effective/Exemplary Teacher
An effective/exemplary teacher is someone who enjoys teaching, making a difference, spreads positivity, gives 100%, personal, finds inspiration, and most importantly embraces change. When I think about these traits I believe that’s the teacher every child wishes they had, that one teacher that kids remember for the rest of their lives. But in reality an effective teacher has positive expectations, is an extremely good classroom manager and knows how to design lessons for student’s mastery. Becoming a great teacher is a process, as teachers we learn from our mistakes and make the necessary changes for the benefit of the students and for our growth development as educators.
First days of school are critical
As they say “The first day of school or a class or even the first few minutes—will make or break a teacher.” It is important to understand that the first days of school are critical because first impressions are made. The first day of school sets the tone for the rest of the school year. As the teacher it is important to let the students know what is expected from them at all times. This is when teachers take their time to introduce class rules in order to have a safe and successful school year. Teachers need to establish that they are the one in control, not the students. Control must be established immediately and continuously. Let them know that you are in charge and in control, but approachable. This is also the time students and…

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