The Effect of Single Parent Families to Children Essay

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BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY A family is often pictured by many with two parents. But for some their family composes of only one. Doug Hewitt (2010), an eHow Contributor said that Single-parents families are defined as households in which there is at least one child under the age of 18 and there is only one parent in the household because of divorce, death or because the parent never married. Moreover, Cox (1984) emphasized that the largest percentage of single-parent families result from divorce followed by death of a parent. According to Medina (2005) there are different types of a single-parent family. First is the widow or widower and children which is caused by a death of spouse where the surviving spouse did not
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''In general, the longer time spent in a single-parent family, the greater the reduction in educational attainment,'' they said. Depression is also one effect of single parent families to children. There are studies that state children who are raised in a single parent household may be more prone to depression. There are times where a single parent household may be more stressful than a home with two active parents. This can cause a negative effect on their ability to concentrate and find enjoyment in things and activities they once liked. Unfortunately, this study does ring true in most cases. In a poll we conducted in 2008, most of those we talked to did recall a period of personal depression over not having their mom or dad at home. Some cited a brief depression period. Others succumbed to a depression that adversely affected their lives over a long period of time. Either way, the mental health of children in single parent homes should never be taken lightly. The effects can be far reaching, Traci S Campbell (2010). But despite these negative effects of living with a single parent family, there are always positive effects. Kunz (2010), a contributor at

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