The Effect Of Water System On The Environment Essay

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Phosphates are not very water-soluble, thereby creating a limiting potential for plant-growth in marine ecosystems. This explains its encompassing effect on the surface of affected water system, as observed in the Watershed Nature Centre. In addition, this can be observed from the site as less quantity of phosphorus get dissolved in running water compared to the amount that eventually gets into the water column. Temperature: The water surface gets heated up by sunlight, increasing the water temperature. It is noticed that increase in temperature precipitate phosphorus effect, creating a high level of alga in water system. This is much practical by comparing the water system in the summer and other season. The former being much covered with algae, and the latter lesser. Temperature can also determine the percentage, or saturation level, of dissolved oxygen.
c. Biological factors
Bioturbation: It is also possible, according to a study by Lee et al. (1977), that phosphorus could also be released from the sediment under aerobic conditions. Lee et al. suggested that mineralization processes that occur under aerobic conditions could be responsible for the release of phosphorus from the sediments (Lee et al., 1977). This is typically the case at the Watershed Nature Centre especially during high rainfall and windy days.
Total dissolved solids: TDS is often used as an indicator of total dissolved (ionized) pollutants such as street salt and lawn fertilizer (Bennett &…

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