The Effect Of Water On Marine Life And Other Types Of Agriculture

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Water is one of the necessities that life needs to survive. If there was no water there would be no life on earth. Water is the main basis for the ecosystem and throughout the most recent years, man is finding more and more uses for water including sanitation and produce.
But in order for water to achieve it’s uses and maintain a balanced biological life, there must be a level of water quality maintained within it.
There are many factors that affect the life of water bodies that include; concentrations of common ions, total dissolved solids, hardness, turbidity, acidity, dissolved oxygen and biochemical oxygen demand, heavy metal pollution, eutrophication.
A major change in any of these areas can have detrimental affects on marine life and other types of agriculture. Thus outlining the need for constant monitoring and management of water around the globe.

The three sources tested included Kingscliff household unfiltered tapster, store-bought “Mount Franklin” natural spring water, and water directly from the top of the Springbrook waterfall “Mummeri Buggeiri”. With the Springbrook water being classified as an environmental source and the other two being drinking water, it will be interesting to see if the results follow the trends displayed, or reveal some outstanding differences from the average predictions.

The test includes both drinking and environmental water. It is important that we recognise what requirements these types of water must reach, as there must be…

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