The Effect Of The Stream Team On Water Quality Essay

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What the stream team will be doing is going to the stream and seeing how much nitrate, phosphates, dissolved oxygen, turbidity, temperature, and pH is in the water. The stream team will look at the effect on water quality, the effect on plants and animals, the acceptable levels for swimming, sources and sources categorized, the best management practices, whether the sources are point source, or nonpoint source pollutants, and the test results. The stream team will be doing all of those topics over nitrate, phosphate, dissolved oxygen, turbidity, temperature, and pH. The stream team will also be going over the materials and procedures and talk about the results for each test. The presence of normal levels of nitrates usually does not have a direct effect on aquatic life. Excess levels of nitrates in the water can create conditions that make it difficult for aquatic life to survive. Nitrates are used as a source of food by algae and other plants.
If the algae has an unlimited source of nitrates the growth of the algae will go unchecked. (“Water’s the Matter-- Introduction: Nitrates”) Any excess nitrates act as a fertilizer for aquatic plants and algae. This is a problem because then nitrates cause the aquatic plants and algae to grow excessively. An overabundance of plants can cause an unstable amount of dissolved oxygen; during the day there would be unusually high levels of oxygen, but during the night those levels would drop drastically and that would cause stressful…

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