The Effect Of Tenure On The Classroom Essay

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American schools are failing to provide their children with an excellent education. The problem begins with the teacher union that fights to protect the jobs of all teachers. In this process, the union is also protecting the jobs of poor performing teachers. Tenure is a law that provides job security, despite of job performance. It can allow lazy teachers to remain in the classroom year after year. Teachers receive tenure after teaching for a certain amount of time. The time, however, varies from state to state. In the beginning, tenure was created to be beneficial to both the education of children and the careers of excellent teachers. Tenure prevented the effect of outside influences, such as politics, to determine who remained in the classroom. Tenure enabled teachers to have an academic freedom with their students, while keeping the discrimination at a minimum. It allowed the protection and equality of both men and women. Now, however, the effects of tenure are at a disadvantage. Teacher tenure makes it very difficult to fire incompetent teachers, thus making some teachers become increasingly lazy, while children receive an education that is not beneficial to them. A teacher that has achieved tenure cannot be fired unless it is a misconduct in the tenure law. Tenure has developed a large series of disadvantages over the last decade, one starting with the prevention of firing poor performing teachers. Tenure takes away the power from the school, school administrations,…

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